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Mini Short Film

2-day Bootcamp | 8 hrs

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2-day Bootcamp | 8 hrs

My First Camera

2-day Bootcamp | 6 hrs

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4-week course | Online Live Sessions

How To Write A
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“Curated by a dedicated team.”


They are people of passion, of humbled nature despite the experiences, who love film making, who also learn as they teach. Lun was really patient guiding us throughout and Rachel was busy running around tying the strings.

It was an eye opener on what goes on in the pre-production all the way to the post-production, which essentially entails the storyboarding, shooting and editing with the almighty DaVinci Resolve. But my favourite part was definitely the shooting itself, playing around with the Sony camera and lenses.

You will learn the basics over here and nothing too hard to grasp. But I believe the basics are what really matters. Because a strong foundation can't be toppled by mere winds. So if you need to kickstart somewhere with the right pace, on this magical journey of film making, kickstart with Butterworks. Go forth, young butterwans! And never look back!

- Alan

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